otrdiena, 2008. gada 1. janvāris

About the band

It’s difficult for ourselves to define who “Gaujarts” are, because we strive to change and improve. But right now, May 2009, after having worked together for two years, we have:
1. released our debut album
2. played in several interesting places (on the dunes of Kurzeme’s beach, at the festivals “Bildes” and “Fonofest”, in the TV show "Latvijas lepnums", in the club “Depo”, “Studentu Klubs”, “Zabadaks”, at the cultural centre of Kaugura, around a campfire, and many more)
3. argued a lot about how we should sound
4. spent quite some time in rehearsals
5. made many new friends
6. carried a lot of heavy equipment from one place to another
7. and had much fun making music together.

Here Vika took a picture, in Kurzeme dunes, summer 2007

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